After having danced and worked together for years within the ÖFA-collective, Amanda Apetrea and Emma Tolander started also working in a smaller, two person project. Their artistic interests and practices communicate very well and thrive when put together. They’ve come to develop a collaboration where they are each other’s muses and mentors as well as their own collective and individual geniuses, meaning they get to be both body, brain and emotion in the work. In the name of unconditional support and sisterhood as ÖFA preaches, they started The EDIE&EDIE Project. The project is about lifting up and intensifying each other’s artistry through being together and sharing work. The EDIE&EDIE project started in 2012 and has so far had two parts. The first part was two solos made in one shared process (see below)that premiered in December 2012, the second part is a duett that premiered in March 2014.

Part 2, the duett In March 2014 the duett EDIE&EDIE premiered at MDT in Stockholm. The performance is two women dancing, it’s about their struggle, love, friendship and community. They are ugly, sassy, sexy, angry, happy, funny, loud, clumsy and rowdy. They stumble around, fumble, embrace, catch each other, support each other, scratch, hump, rock, hope and yearn. They fight to be who they want to be deep within. They want to dance for everyone who ever felt someone else’s skin against theirs, who ever felt that they are searching for something, who ever felt that they maybe don’t fit in, who maybe thinks that something should change in this world. It is a queer kind of show dance contact improvisation. It’s made with light and set designer Chrisander Brun and sound designer Anna Sóley Tryggvadottir.

Edie & Edie

Edie & Edie

Part 1, the solos Part one of The EDIE&EDIE Project was two solos premiering in 2012. Covers by Amanda Apetrea and Dancer by Emma Tolander are two solos that exist within the same landscape, and grow out of the same soil of ideas and ideology but take very different expressions. Together they make an evening of dancing, body, dancehistory, feminism, fakeism, realness, fantasy and wild west that will blow you away. Choreography & performed by: Amanda Apetrea, Emma Tolander. Light and set design: Chrisander Brun.

Covers (with and by Amanda Apetrea) Amanda will work on a solo performance concerned with feminism through female R’n’B artists and male singer songwriters. She finds it interesting in the creation of dance, to be influenced by pop and rock stars and their theatrical presence, their direct speech to the audience, the feeling of never apologising and owning the stage and their audience. Amanda finds this rare in contemporary dance. Getting inspired by pop and rock stars is something she has explored in her artistic work before with performances as Single Tiger, I Ass Jazz and Beauty and the Beast.


Dancer (with and by Emma Tolander) “I am a dancer. To dance is the best thing I know. I feel bad if I do not practice every day. I always work to be as good a dancer as I can. ” In her solo, Emma will search for the deepest and darkest intentions and ideals of being a dancer.